New Burney Library on Main Street is our goal


We’ve entered into a contract with Duane Miller, Civil Engineer, out of Anderson, working on Grocery Outlet and recommended by Parry Thompson of Hat Creek Construction. This step must be completed before the actual work can be done.

Parry of Hat Creek Construction and Richard Hathaway of Packway materials are interested in and will give us estimates on the project once we have Duane’s report.

At our FOIL meeting last Tuesday, the report showed a cost of $6,790. Duane is working on reducing this amount if he can.

Meanwhile, back in kim Neimer’s Busy office, she has been in discussions with Steve Woodrum who since April has wanted to help.  He has agreed to cover the full cost of Duane’s report.

Once the Civil Engineer report is complete and we have bids for the work needed we will go before the Board of Supervisors for final approval to enter escrow.

Feb 22 Record Searchlight Article